Why do people care about the Oscars?

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As per my general modus operandi, my posts will be a series of non-sequiturs; however, I maintain this is part of my charm. I’m also just feeling particularly ADD today, so I just managed to scrape my ideas into three general subjects:

SUBJECT 1: The Lamborghini
Reasons why there is a photo of a Lambo:

1. I love cars.
2. I love sexy things.
3. This car is sexy.

With the transitive property (or some shape thereof) applied, one can deduce why this photo is here. Mostly, this photo came up on my tumblr, and I pretty much dropped my cuppa tea from excitement and wanted to share the glory. You’re welcome.

SUBJECT 2: The Oscars
Reasons why I think the Oscars are useless:

1. There are no sports being played,
2. There is no delicious food being prepared,
3. I have to sit there listening to a lot of people thanking their families for feeding/inspiring/religiousing them,
4. A movie picking up a dozen awards doesn’t influence my opinion of it

I accept any excuse to have a fun party involving delicious recipes and dressing up, but it’s fascinating how dull awards shows are.

SUBJECT 3: My Lunch is Delicious

Sauteed spinach & mushrooms with roasted chicken breast & thyme on a bed of polenta. Nom. Just sayin’.

– V out!

“Then I’m going to teach you how to put makeup on a BEAR!”
Days left until Move-In Day: 188


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