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I finished my last exam of undergrad today, and I am pretty stoked about this! Naturally, I’m still a ball of stress and ridiculousness, but this is to be expected; it’ll take me at least a week to fully settle into schoolless freedom. Now that the agony is over, I was thinking back to the past few weeks and realizing, wow, I am possibly the single most inefficient human on the face of the planet. Why? Let me explain.

I bring you…V’S EXAM PERIOD:

Yeah. That’s actually a really accurate depiction of how I spent two weeks of my life. Looking at it in pictorial form amuses me, but also induces this face: :/. It is what it is! Somehow, I managed to finish a degree running my life like this! Haaaaaaaa…

1. Cornmeal Loaf (I made this sucker with chili powder and Vegeta)
2. Nutella & PB Pinwheel Cookies w/ Kashi Clusters
3. Barley Pudding (Like rice pudding, but I used barley instead because it OWNS)
4. Pork Tenderloin w/ Sauteed Veg (Dutch Oven = <3)

Anyway, I baked and cooked a whole bunch more, but these 4 were the highlights of a two-week power-kitchen fiesta…I mean, studying…I mean…yeah, no, we know what I mean. Words are hard.

In any case, as I am now no longer on borrowed time, I am going to go watch me some Grey's and take a short coma.

Bis später!

  1. Eleni says:

    Your dedication to your program is inspiring…

    Hopefully now you’ll have more time for Skype!

    Also, watch Bones, because I’m super-hooked on it.

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