On learning how to teach…

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today, I finished the 6th and final day of the Oxford Seminars TESOL course, and am officially certified! YES. Now, when I am finished all sorts of silly courses this fall and save up some money, I can haul my bad self overseas and maybe teach some Germans or Italians a new language! Exciting! Before I do that, however, I think I may want to participate in the Englischhausen program in Germany. Basically, this program has native English speakers from all over the world fly in to a particular location for the sole purpose of having conversations with native German speakers who wish to improve their English. Stay and food is completely paid for; all you have to do is just get yourself to Munchen! The program lasts a week, and seems to be an amazing experience. First of all, I’d be in the Schwartzwald; secondly, I’d be having conversations with people from all walks of life for several hours a day, followed by exploration and going out. What part of that doesn’t sound FANTASTIC? That’s all for 2012, though. For now, I am just going to complete those two random courses I’m taking and focus on getting a job that will pay me enough to keep me alive on my own!

Speaking of being on my own…it’s almost time for September listings to come out! I’m excited to get the hardcore apartment-hunting done and to actually sign a lease. I need to have all this done before I leave for Europe on the 14th of July. These next few weeks should be interesting…

In other, totally unrelated news, this picture cracks me up:

That is all.

Bis später!

  1. Leni says:

    Congrats on getting certified!

    That German thing sounds amazing! Miss Germany…

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