Betting on Summer Songs (“Who lets me out of the house?!”…Eurotrip 2011)

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Every single year, my family embarks on a Eurotrip that inevitably results in terrible puns, absurd amounts of local cuisine, walking, laughter, a plethora of borders crossed and a lot of hours logged in the car. The radio stations change, but there are always certain songs that end up playing dozens of times, no matter where we are. A few years back, we decided to start predicting what songs would be drilled into our heads by the end of the trip, and for the most part, our family guesses are accurate. These heard-ad-nauseam songs become inside jokes, and regardless of how terrible they are (as is often the case), we all start singing and dancing along. My family’s insane, and I love them.

Last summer, we were serenaded by Stereo Love & Alejandro…this year, who knows? With that said, I bring to you…

At least two of these songs are going to be melting our brain matter as we drive from Germany to the Croatian coast and back…

1. Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat

2. Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory

3. Enrique Iglesias – Tonight, I’m Loving You OR Dirty Dancer

4. Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor

My ears are going to be bleeding, and I cannot wait. Eighteen days til takeoff…

Bis später!


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