Home Base: Acquired!

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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C & I officially have a place to live! We spent all of Sunday wandering around our target neighbourhood, calling landlords and visiting places, but nothing quite clicked with both of us. So, on Monday, when she called me up to come see a place with her, I was preparing for another expensive letdown. Wrong. I am pretty sure that the moment I walked in, I was sold on the place. It’s the most adorable apartment, featuring exposed brick (!), really nice wall colours, a roomy kitchen, two sweet bedrooms with closets and A WASHER & DRYER. So much yes. Also, laminate flooring in every room save the kitchen and bathroom. Awesome. In any case, the lease is signed and I am so excited that I will have a place of my own come September! The Sexual Tiger Den officially has a base, and conveniently enough, is a half-basement sort of deal, making it a legit den. Yes, yes, and yes! That worry is now crossed off my list, and the only things I have left to think about this summer are working out, enjoying Europe, and hanging out with people. Well, and packing, but Imma ignore that until I get back from the mothercontinent. Life is good!

Bis später!


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