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My favourite holiday of the year has come and gone, and once again, was an incredible day! I started out by playing some early-morning soccer with new TESOL friends, then met up with other friends to go and explore the downtown core. It was packed, as per usual, covered, wall-to-wall, with our proudest red and white. There were also hilarious people wearing bright red morph suits to add to the awesomeness. We saw about 45 minutes of Tiesto’s set (oh, how I wish we could’ve stayed longer), danced around like maniacs, grabbed drinks at the Hard Rock (we’ve got the hookups, yo), watched the yearly Top of the World skate & BMX demo, and witnessed a sweet, sweet rap battle.

Rideau Street is aaaawesome.

Bam, downtown.

There is no shortage of activities in the nation’s capital on a day this important; you’d be hard-pressed to find yourself bored! The best part had to be the fireworks, though. Since the visiting royalty (ehhhh) was in town specifically for our nation’s birthday, the city put a little bit of extra effort, and that led to an amazing fireworks display later in the evening. The only thing that was a bit off-putting was the soundtrack playing at Major’s Hill. I think they wanted to set a sort of mystical, earthy tone, but it really just succeeded at boring us to tears/driving people to ritual suicide. Anyway. The band playing prior to the fireworks was a lot of fun, and introduced the spectacle really well, I found; it was really dancey, upbeat electronic…something-or-other. Haaa. Listen and enjoy!

In any case, I had a great time!

Also: 12 days til takeoff!

Bis später!


I woke up in my own bed today, sadly, after a weekend of extraordinary company, food and shenanigans. I am proud to say that I have been declared officially Canadian by my friends (even though the government gave me a card for this a good 11 years ago) as I successfully roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, canoed AND fished for the first time…all in one weekend! I also caught a tiny little fish that I later named Jermaine. He was released back into the wild, but one of my friends managed to catch a MASSIVE pike that subsequently became dinner (with the addition of some lemon and peppercorns – DELISH). The three of us (C, our fisherman of a friend and I) were pretty convinced that this beast of an aquatic creature was going to tip the canoe that we were in; luckily, it didn’t, and we arrived back on shore DRY. No, that’s a lie. It was pouring rain outside, so we were just rain-wet, as opposed to being lake-wet. Small victories.

Over the course of the weekend, we managed to fit in beach volleyball, tanning, two bonfires, 86 cans of Coors, a game of nighttime hide-and-seek, fishing, kayaking, star-gazing, fireworks, Road Bingo, Spoons & a variety of other card games, Penny Can, Scrabble, countless impromptu dance parties & sing-a-longs, a novel per person, a metric shit-ton of delicious food, all prepared by Team Awesome (the 7 of us), naps and more laughter than ever thought possible.

It felt really good to get out of the city for a few days, isolate ourselves from the rest of humanity & technology, and just enjoy the simpler things. In the end, they’re all that really matter.

Be jealous of the view from the cottage:

What 7 in the morning looks like at the cottage.

Thank you, Queen Victoria, for allowing us to celebrate you with a long weekend that ROCKED.

Bis später!

(As a sidenote, C is not dead; she is very much alive, just lacking a computer. Unless I spent the weekend sharing a bed with a ghost. Creepy.)

Volleyball? Volleyball.

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I am sitting in my chair of awesome on a Sunday morning while a butternut squash & couscous stew simmers on my stovetop. I would be lurking around, making sure it’s not exploding, but my body is completely drained of all energy and strength after yesterday’s EPIC tournament (the first I played with C. in a while!). I left my house for it at 7:30 in the morning, and only got home at around 6 in the evening…in all fairness, at least 2 hours of that time was travel time, but ooooh, the rest of it was volleyball. It was a reverse 6s tournament hosted by one of the local clubs, the Ottawa Fusion, and for my first reverse 6s tourney, I had THE most fun. Basically, there is no rotation, just a serving order; men can only hit from behind the attack line and can’t block. PLUS, it was played on a women’s net, so I had all the fun in the world blocking the ladies and the boys. Whee! I am pretty sure I crushed the soul of a 17-year-old boy by blocking him twice in one game, so I feel a little bad, but otherwise, VICTORY. Also, as a result of all this blocking, I ended up with this:

That’s my left forearm. Yes, that is swelling. In any case, we won the consolation round (WHAT UP) and took home sweet shirts and volleyballs. Yesssssss.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have gone to the gym this morning, as I have a dance class and coaching this afternoon. Whoops. I’m going to go be comatose now.

Bis später!

P.S. Watch this video. Why? A) It’s Epic Meal Time. B) My friend’s in it. INSTANT RESPECT.