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Quick update: I have changed the colours we blog in a la 2birds1blog. I (C) have chosen this lovely fushiaish (it’s a word because I said so, okay?) colour, and V will be in BLUE! unless she decides to change it. I just picked one.

Next on the docket:

Hehehehehehe. I watch that clip tooooo much.

Moving on. After having done a spin class for the first time in like, a year, I am off to Toronto for the weekend for Sexapalooza and roommate-for-life Ber’s birthday bash. She is celebrating along with two of our other friends, so things might get a little craaaaazzzzy! I think we are trying to go to a club called This Is London. This club has something called “The Women’s Spa” – the WHOLE THIRD FLOOR is a women’s only bathroom/spa area. My mind, it is blown. I don’t see how one could make that concept any more amazing.

On the note of amazing concepts – I went to Goodlife to spin today. I usually work out at the University, because it is free (and by free, I mean I pay the school piles of tuition so I may as well use the damn gym there), but the spin class was conveniently timed and blah blah blah. Anyway… Goodlife has MASSAGE CHAIRS. I feel like they could base their entire membership sales pitch off those things.

“Why hi there! Welcome to Goodlife! Here, now just sit down in this chair, I’ll turn it on. *pause… wait…* okay feel good? Perfect, now just hand me your credit card to sign up and you can stay in the lovely massage chair”

I mean, it would probably work on me.

C, out!

PS. V, I am exceedingly jealous of your lunch.