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What up, weekend!

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Firstly, this killed me:

Now, onto real people things:
The first week back from Reading Week drew to a close, and thankfully, it was a successful one. That is to say, I survived another 5 days of school, scot-free, with most of my sanity intact. While my darling C is off in the T-Dot, squashing other human beings in sport (SEE WHAT I DID THERE), I stayed put in Ottawa to play in a Begin 2 Believe volleyball tournament at Carleton U. Well, that was just today; yesterday, I took over the inter-club competitive girls at coaching in addition to my group, and had a great time teaching them all sorts of new skills that they’d need as they grew as gymnasts. I really love my job.

As far as the tournament is concerned, we didn’t make it to playoffs, but we had an absolutely awesome time playing together. The Dirty Balls are a great crowd to play with, and I am learning a shit-ton in the way of experience. Okay, so I’ve been playing since 6th grade (11 years, for the record), but the past two or three years, I’ve grown so much as a player. This is due largely to the fact I’ve been playing mixed and have been learning tips & tricks from club players…I no longer rely solely on my massive height to succeed! Anyway. There will probably be action shots once the tourney photographer gets them online.

As a side note, those cookies that I baked on Thursday disappeared by the next morning; two dozen cookies just faded to nothingness over the course of several hours. I would call that a resounding SUCCESS. To fill the now-cookieless void, I baked a second batch yesterday, only to find the disappearance rate had increased. I think my friends and family are still in a sugar coma, but that’s a story for another day. Plus, as an added bonus, I learned that the dough freezes really well. Fact.

I’m off to contemplate going out dancing tonight(read: going to curl up in my armchair and take a baby coma); the pouring rain is making me not want to leave my house…

Bis später!

P.S. Good luck, C! I hope you destroyed them other ladies.