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Well one thing is for sure – V and I are clearly soulmates, as we think about the same things without even talking. It’s because we both operate at a specific frequency of awesome.

Something that has been on my mind a whole lot lately is where I would like to end up living. I’ve developed quite the love for Ottawa over the last few years, and it is a great place to be. Also, to carry over from V’s post it has most definitely become my comfort zone. Ottawa has Gatineau park (cycling, running, swimming, camping, etc, etc, etc), the Ottawa River, the Canal, a great sports community, all my friends, and it’s really just a great city. Point in case:

OTTAWA – Summer in 30,000 Frames from Will Cyr on Vimeo.

My city. No bigs.

That being said, I am wildly, WILDLY in love with British Columbia – specifically, Vancouver Island. Every time I go, I don’t want to come back. There are mountains, and an ocean, and just everything is wonderful there. If you’ve been, you get it. If you haven’t… you should really go. Seriously. I’ve spent about 5 weeks on the island in total over the last couple years, surfing and cycling, and just.. yeah. It’s my happy place. This is a picture of the Pacific taken from my campsite when I biked across the Island last summer:

For those of you who are curious, this is the picture of what a bicycle looks like when you pack it up to camp your way 227km across an island:

All this has been on my mind lately because I’ve entered “HOLY SHIT PLEASE SOMEONE HIRE ME FOR THE SUMMER PLEASE PLEASE oh god I am so broke…” mode, and said job hunt has encompassed Canada in it’s entirety. I do have employment at a local outdoor equipment store, and I could go back to serving, but option a) is minimum wage and option b) means I would probably kill myself before being able to enjoy any of my spoils. Also, nearing graduation (one more year is NEAR), I’d really like to get a summer work term that relates in some way to the four years of schooling I’ve completed.

This widespread job hunt has made me realize how many of the jobs I want are in not-Ottawa. So leaving Ottawa has been on my mind a little. And well, I’m really happy here. But I know I’d be really happy elsewhere, as well. Homebody me is all “but here is nice, and predictable! and you’re happy. It would be silly to leave”. Adventurous me is like “Shut the hell up. LOOK AT HOW MUCH COOL SHIT IS OUT THERE!”. Moral of the story: Homebody me is a big fat baby. So homebody me can shut the hell up. Because there is a LOT of cool shit out there! And uncertainty makes things exciting!

That’ll be the end of feelings-sharing time for today. In conclusion, there is one thing that is certain: my english class is the most boring hour and a half of all time… ever. As such, English-class-buddy and I spent it looking up cute animals on the internet. I present to you Basset Hounds Running and two of the cutest youtube videos I’ve seen to date. You MUST watch the seal video with the volume on.

Happy Friday!



Before I get into the many things I have to talk about instead of reading journal articles, I need a favour. I need you, the internet, as my witness: When V and I move in together, and I gain like fifty pounds, it is HER FAULT. I’m pretty sure I gained ten as a result of looking at what she made, and then eating because of it. Biiiiitch

On the subject of food – for those of you who don’t know, Clif Bars are the most amazing food of all time ever. They are delicious, convenient, mostly organic, and proteiny. If you ever want to buy my friendship, Maple Nut and Chocolate Mint are my favourites. I’ve been known to substitute multiple Clif Bars as meals – fortunately, I get them for cheap at my work. I bring this up because I recently discovered that there are like TEN FLAVOURS of Clif Bar that we don’t have around here. Pumpkin Spice! Lemon Poppyseed! Blueberry Crisp! YOU HAVE FAILED ME CANADA. I mean, wtf? No White Chocolate Macadamia Nut? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

In other news, I return to Toronto this weekend! This time for a squash tournament. Exciting? YES. Terrifying? ALSO YES. Why? Well last year, I entered the Canadian University and College Squash Championships as a Women’s D player – D being the lowest division humanly possibly. It was my first tournament ever and I didn’t know what to expect. Based on winning that division last year, and beating a girl from C, and improving since then, this year I got ballsy and entered B. A little scary, but not out of the question, right? Except yesterday I got an email with my start times informing me that due to lack of players, Women’s A and B have been combined. Moral of the story: things are going to be INTERESTING. And by interesting, I mean those bitches better watch themselves, cause I’mma be kickin’ some ASS.

Other quick updates:

1. This is the bicycle I plan on riding this season. She needs a name! I am open to suggestions/I can’t think of any. Link is to specs, for those who are interested.

2. I’ve been watching bouldering videos, and Dave Graham, if you ever read this, I have a crush on you. Call me? I don’t really know how else to reach you, so you’re going to have to take the initiative here. I’m totally serious here.

3. I get some of V’s cookies tomorrow. SUCKERS!

4. I looooove this video. Hehehehehe. ALLAN! ALLAN! ALLAN! AL! ALLAN!

C, out!

Goooooood morning sunshines!

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First and foremost: V, I just saw all the food you posted and I want to eat all of it right now. On a completely related note, Tuesday is “Caitlin eats everything in sight” day, and as of right now (9:30am, just in case it takes me all day to write this post), I have eaten over 1000 calories worth of food according to rough estimates and the Daily Plate.

Carrying on. As you all know, this past weekend I was in Toronto. It was a short visit, due to training partner Val’s work on Friday and my work on Sunday, but we got to celebrate roommate-for-life Ber’s birthday! On Saturday during the day, we went to Sexapalooza, which is a sex industry trade show, for those of you too lazy to click the link. First interesting thing: finding a parking spot. That shit was CUT THROAT. I can’t even begin to explain. We ended up driving to the entrance, finding people that were leaving, following them in our car, and making Stacy get out and stand in the parking spot as soon as they pulled out. There were two jeeps parked on snowbanks, not unlike the following picture – within two rows of parking.

The Jeeps were partially explained by this AMAZING fact: in the conference hall next to Sexapalooza, there was an Outdoor Adventure Trade Show. Ah-mazing! So after an hour or so at Sexapalooza (including a BDSM seminar. Air supply control masks = terrifying, FYI), Val and I snuck off to pillage the free energy bar (and soy milk, and cheese) sample booths at drool over piles of exercise equipment.

Our wallets managed to survive until we found KSL. This little clothing boutique from Montreal is the best thing that has ever happened to my closet. With the greatest self restraint, I only bought two things. Katy St-Laurent, who is the genius behind it all, created a line of clothing that is both stylish and completely functional with an active lifestyle. The dress I bought is a) the cutest dress ever, but b) has a cycling jersey style neck, back pocket, and snaps on the side to hike it up over shorts for a commute. Um, amazing? The shirt I got has a back pocket as well, and is a long sleeved cowl neck that can be worn approximately a million different ways, but that’s a conservative guess. As Val said, it’s like Lululemon, American Apparel, and Sugoi collided and made extremely good looking babies. Pictures to follow!

I have to school for the rest of the day, so I will leave you with THIS, amazingness and this:

C, out!

Quick update: I have changed the colours we blog in a la 2birds1blog. I (C) have chosen this lovely fushiaish (it’s a word because I said so, okay?) colour, and V will be in BLUE! unless she decides to change it. I just picked one.

Next on the docket:

Hehehehehehe. I watch that clip tooooo much.

Moving on. After having done a spin class for the first time in like, a year, I am off to Toronto for the weekend for Sexapalooza and roommate-for-life Ber’s birthday bash. She is celebrating along with two of our other friends, so things might get a little craaaaazzzzy! I think we are trying to go to a club called This Is London. This club has something called “The Women’s Spa” – the WHOLE THIRD FLOOR is a women’s only bathroom/spa area. My mind, it is blown. I don’t see how one could make that concept any more amazing.

On the note of amazing concepts – I went to Goodlife to spin today. I usually work out at the University, because it is free (and by free, I mean I pay the school piles of tuition so I may as well use the damn gym there), but the spin class was conveniently timed and blah blah blah. Anyway… Goodlife has MASSAGE CHAIRS. I feel like they could base their entire membership sales pitch off those things.

“Why hi there! Welcome to Goodlife! Here, now just sit down in this chair, I’ll turn it on. *pause… wait…* okay feel good? Perfect, now just hand me your credit card to sign up and you can stay in the lovely massage chair”

I mean, it would probably work on me.

C, out!

PS. V, I am exceedingly jealous of your lunch.