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I’m a HIPPO!!

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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My original post title was I’m a hippie… then I made a typo. Then I corrected it. Then I decided Hippo was funnier. Anyway, last night, I sat down and started writing things, and almost all of those things fell under the common theme of me being a treehugger. It has progressed into a sort of slideshow. Exhibit A: The most explicit evidence.

Exhibit B: Picture of my floor. I literally just stood up and took a picture. Plaid, Birkenstocks, balls of yarn. Yeah..

Furthermore, Exhibit C: My Dinner. I know pictures of delicious cooking are usually V’s territory, but guess what – this bitch can cook too, ya hurd? Tonight, I made myself Hippie Smoked Trout Pasta, complete with onions, capers, and a cashew pesto sauce, all gluten free, all organic. I actually refrained from eating it for a whole ten minutes while my camera charged so I could take a picture of it for you.

Hardest ten minutes OF MY LIFE. But I was so proud! The whole thing is healthy as shit, and muchos delicious. Nom nom nom nom.

To further my case, yestermorning (it’s a word now because I said so) I finished knitting my new toque! The first one I made was getting a little stretched out, and also a little too heavy for our current spring that is hovering right around light-toque temperatures.

Anyway, to balance off all the treehugging, I present to you the anti-hippie-dessert: The Denny’s Maple Bacon Sundae. I almost want to try it out of curiosity. I mean, I just don’t know what to think of it. Logic states it shouldn’t exist. Could it possibly be any good? Stay tuned for a potential follow up post.

C ❤


This week has been absolutely insane on the school front, and I’m pretty sure I have science leaking out the ears. To alleviate the agony, I’ve been practicing plating meals, even when I’m just making myself lunch. Here is an example:

This is chili chicken and cinnamon & cumin carrots grilled to perfection (FINALLY), served with polenta. I’ve also clearly been playing with the filters available on the Instagram application on my phone. It makes my photos look a touuuuch less ghetto, though adds a touch of pretension. Whatever! I like it.

There’s another tournament coming up this weekend, two labs, and exams loom…despite all this, I haven’t felt better in ages! The sun’s out, the weather’s getting warmer and I feel that I am going to rock everything. That’s right. BRING IT ON, WORLD. BRING IT ON.

Bis später!

Before I get into the many things I have to talk about instead of reading journal articles, I need a favour. I need you, the internet, as my witness: When V and I move in together, and I gain like fifty pounds, it is HER FAULT. I’m pretty sure I gained ten as a result of looking at what she made, and then eating because of it. Biiiiitch

On the subject of food – for those of you who don’t know, Clif Bars are the most amazing food of all time ever. They are delicious, convenient, mostly organic, and proteiny. If you ever want to buy my friendship, Maple Nut and Chocolate Mint are my favourites. I’ve been known to substitute multiple Clif Bars as meals – fortunately, I get them for cheap at my work. I bring this up because I recently discovered that there are like TEN FLAVOURS of Clif Bar that we don’t have around here. Pumpkin Spice! Lemon Poppyseed! Blueberry Crisp! YOU HAVE FAILED ME CANADA. I mean, wtf? No White Chocolate Macadamia Nut? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

In other news, I return to Toronto this weekend! This time for a squash tournament. Exciting? YES. Terrifying? ALSO YES. Why? Well last year, I entered the Canadian University and College Squash Championships as a Women’s D player – D being the lowest division humanly possibly. It was my first tournament ever and I didn’t know what to expect. Based on winning that division last year, and beating a girl from C, and improving since then, this year I got ballsy and entered B. A little scary, but not out of the question, right? Except yesterday I got an email with my start times informing me that due to lack of players, Women’s A and B have been combined. Moral of the story: things are going to be INTERESTING. And by interesting, I mean those bitches better watch themselves, cause I’mma be kickin’ some ASS.

Other quick updates:

1. This is the bicycle I plan on riding this season. She needs a name! I am open to suggestions/I can’t think of any. Link is to specs, for those who are interested.

2. I’ve been watching bouldering videos, and Dave Graham, if you ever read this, I have a crush on you. Call me? I don’t really know how else to reach you, so you’re going to have to take the initiative here. I’m totally serious here.

3. I get some of V’s cookies tomorrow. SUCKERS!

4. I looooove this video. Hehehehehe. ALLAN! ALLAN! ALLAN! AL! ALLAN!

C, out!

Since there is no point in my life at which I stop thinking about food, I am a huge fan of cooking & baking blogs. For the most part, I will follow links to amazing recipes and be pretty loose, blog-wise, but there are a few that I will visit every single day, eagerly anticipating new posts.

Serious Eats

Covers all the different facets of food culture; food and drink, both recipes and restaurant reviews. Posts several times per day, so no matter when you’re bored, there’ll be new content to browse!

The Kitchn

The Kitchn is pretty recipe- and technique-centric, and I find I’ve learned a lot of little tips and tricks that make my kitchen adventures that much easier.In addition, they show cute, functional kitchens (readers’ kitchens, I presume) and review interesting new gadgets. Ace.

Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Two twenty-something New Yorkers cook up a storm! Very accessible recipes for us youth (hahaha) and great ideas for entertaining.

Love & Olive Oil

Classic, delicious savory recipes, but mind-blowingly delicious sweets. Chocolate cookie dough truffles? Heck yeah!

Not So Humble Pie

A lovely scientist in the kitchen. Her recipes can be a bit more complex, but man, are they ever appetizing.

So there you go! Enjoy drooling over recipes and learning things about cooking.