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Of coaching and all the tournaments in the world.

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It’s now Monday morning, and Reading Week is officially over. I really needed the break from school madness, but man, I am definitely not ready to go back to classes and “regular” life. Unacceptable. I have a class and a 6 hour lab today, and I would much rather be playing sports or laying on my floor, listening to Ferry Corsten.

In other news, I played in a women’s tournament on Saturday, and got the best workout of my life (?!). My abs were sore the next day. My abs. From volleyball. That just doesn’t happen. We got knocked out in the quarterfinals, but I had a great time, despite the fact I hadn’t played middle since high school. The net was so low that I just had all the fun in the world annihilating everything. I hope to continue this awesome streak of tournaments by playing in one this upcoming Saturday and the one after that. Yesssss. My life priorities are clearly all in line. I fully intend on bringing my camera to the next two to deliver some sweet action photos.

Here is another sexy car:

I’m off to print a lab and make myself a pulled pork panini, so I bid you adieu…

Transmission over.