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Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I finished my last exam of undergrad today, and I am pretty stoked about this! Naturally, I’m still a ball of stress and ridiculousness, but this is to be expected; it’ll take me at least a week to fully settle into schoolless freedom. Now that the agony is over, I was thinking back to the past few weeks and realizing, wow, I am possibly the single most inefficient human on the face of the planet. Why? Let me explain.

I bring you…V’S EXAM PERIOD:

Yeah. That’s actually a really accurate depiction of how I spent two weeks of my life. Looking at it in pictorial form amuses me, but also induces this face: :/. It is what it is! Somehow, I managed to finish a degree running my life like this! Haaaaaaaa…

1. Cornmeal Loaf (I made this sucker with chili powder and Vegeta)
2. Nutella & PB Pinwheel Cookies w/ Kashi Clusters
3. Barley Pudding (Like rice pudding, but I used barley instead because it OWNS)
4. Pork Tenderloin w/ Sauteed Veg (Dutch Oven = <3)

Anyway, I baked and cooked a whole bunch more, but these 4 were the highlights of a two-week power-kitchen fiesta…I mean, studying…I mean…yeah, no, we know what I mean. Words are hard.

In any case, as I am now no longer on borrowed time, I am going to go watch me some Grey's and take a short coma.

Bis später!


This week has been absolutely insane on the school front, and I’m pretty sure I have science leaking out the ears. To alleviate the agony, I’ve been practicing plating meals, even when I’m just making myself lunch. Here is an example:

This is chili chicken and cinnamon & cumin carrots grilled to perfection (FINALLY), served with polenta. I’ve also clearly been playing with the filters available on the Instagram application on my phone. It makes my photos look a touuuuch less ghetto, though adds a touch of pretension. Whatever! I like it.

There’s another tournament coming up this weekend, two labs, and exams loom…despite all this, I haven’t felt better in ages! The sun’s out, the weather’s getting warmer and I feel that I am going to rock everything. That’s right. BRING IT ON, WORLD. BRING IT ON.

Bis später!

What. Up.

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What. Up.

I feel it’s necessary to properly introduce myself, as this is a brand-spankin’-new blog. My name’s Vedrana and I’m graduating from University in April (biopharm, what!), with no real idea as to what I’ll be doing with my life. I will be in possession of a diploma, zero real work experience, and a fresh perspective. What this translates to is “I will be certifiably insane, due to freaking out about real work or lack thereof, and scrambling to get a real life together.” To pair with the end of my studies, I’m also finally moving out of the parents’ den and out into the real world. The other 50% of this blog is my future roommate (who goes by C.) and the other half of my bonkers personality, and we will be bringing you snippets of the awesomeness that is our lives.

Things that will recur:

1. Sports
Volleyball is the cornerstone of my life and when I’m not doing life, I’m playing it. I also coach rhythmic gymnastics, play squash, skate, attempt at running occasionally, fail at tennis, and pick up any other piece of equipment that happens to find its way to me. That, and I’m kind of a gym rat. Basically, I’m now an endorphin junkie, recovering from being a mess of a human. The hilarious part is that C. is even worse than I am in this department. Word. Also, I love watching sports. A lot.

2. Food
Cooking & baking are things I do very often, particularly for the people in my life. What I mean to say is, there will be recipe experiments and photos of amazing places I’ve/we’ve gone to eat.

3. Fired Up!
This is the best movie ever. You should watch it. The end.

4. Completely cracked out hilarity
I’m insane, so is C. It’s a thing. We also appreciate comical things, mostly of the nerdy/dorky variety.

The quarterlife crisis is a thing facing all of us twenty-somethings, but we trudge through. Sometimes it’s easy, but when it’s not, man, will I ever write about it. Plus, procrastination is a thing that happens often during school.

6. Probably talk about awful T.V. shows
Grey’s Anatomy Thursday. That is all. Then there are also my guilty pleasure shows, but we won’t get into those quite yet. After all, I don’t want you to be frightened right off the bat.
Anyway, that’s a (not so) quick synopsis of what I’m about (and some deets about C.) to get y’all started.

Bis später!

Big V OUT.