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Since there is no point in my life at which I stop thinking about food, I am a huge fan of cooking & baking blogs. For the most part, I will follow links to amazing recipes and be pretty loose, blog-wise, but there are a few that I will visit every single day, eagerly anticipating new posts.

Serious Eats

Covers all the different facets of food culture; food and drink, both recipes and restaurant reviews. Posts several times per day, so no matter when you’re bored, there’ll be new content to browse!

The Kitchn

The Kitchn is pretty recipe- and technique-centric, and I find I’ve learned a lot of little tips and tricks that make my kitchen adventures that much easier.In addition, they show cute, functional kitchens (readers’ kitchens, I presume) and review interesting new gadgets. Ace.

Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Two twenty-something New Yorkers cook up a storm! Very accessible recipes for us youth (hahaha) and great ideas for entertaining.

Love & Olive Oil

Classic, delicious savory recipes, but mind-blowingly delicious sweets. Chocolate cookie dough truffles? Heck yeah!

Not So Humble Pie

A lovely scientist in the kitchen. Her recipes can be a bit more complex, but man, are they ever appetizing.

So there you go! Enjoy drooling over recipes and learning things about cooking.