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What. Up.

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What. Up.

I feel it’s necessary to properly introduce myself, as this is a brand-spankin’-new blog. My name’s Vedrana and I’m graduating from University in April (biopharm, what!), with no real idea as to what I’ll be doing with my life. I will be in possession of a diploma, zero real work experience, and a fresh perspective. What this translates to is “I will be certifiably insane, due to freaking out about real work or lack thereof, and scrambling to get a real life together.” To pair with the end of my studies, I’m also finally moving out of the parents’ den and out into the real world. The other 50% of this blog is my future roommate (who goes by C.) and the other half of my bonkers personality, and we will be bringing you snippets of the awesomeness that is our lives.

Things that will recur:

1. Sports
Volleyball is the cornerstone of my life and when I’m not doing life, I’m playing it. I also coach rhythmic gymnastics, play squash, skate, attempt at running occasionally, fail at tennis, and pick up any other piece of equipment that happens to find its way to me. That, and I’m kind of a gym rat. Basically, I’m now an endorphin junkie, recovering from being a mess of a human. The hilarious part is that C. is even worse than I am in this department. Word. Also, I love watching sports. A lot.

2. Food
Cooking & baking are things I do very often, particularly for the people in my life. What I mean to say is, there will be recipe experiments and photos of amazing places I’ve/we’ve gone to eat.

3. Fired Up!
This is the best movie ever. You should watch it. The end.

4. Completely cracked out hilarity
I’m insane, so is C. It’s a thing. We also appreciate comical things, mostly of the nerdy/dorky variety.

The quarterlife crisis is a thing facing all of us twenty-somethings, but we trudge through. Sometimes it’s easy, but when it’s not, man, will I ever write about it. Plus, procrastination is a thing that happens often during school.

6. Probably talk about awful T.V. shows
Grey’s Anatomy Thursday. That is all. Then there are also my guilty pleasure shows, but we won’t get into those quite yet. After all, I don’t want you to be frightened right off the bat.
Anyway, that’s a (not so) quick synopsis of what I’m about (and some deets about C.) to get y’all started.

Bis später!

Big V OUT.


A warning: Things are about to get crazier…er. CRAZIEREST!

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So I am moving in with the owner of this blog, V.  As such, I will go by the name C.  I don’t really think I have a choice in the matter, because it works out far too well.  We’re not actually moving in together until September, but we decided that the forthcoming “Tales from the Sexual Tiger Den” (The Sexual Tiger Den being the name of our future apartment that we haven’t found yet) need not wait on the Sexual Tiger Den actually existing.  Also, we will be implementing a countdown:


I cannot write much, as I am trying to progress quickly though all my various procrastination outlets in order to mabe read half a page of some kind of journal article before my mother guilts me into attending an aerobics class with her (seriously, jumping around with 3 pound weights with a room of middle aged women is SO my thing). So I will finish this post with a quick introduction and a couple random things.

A Quick Introduction
I’m i’m my 4th year (out of 5) of my undergrad (Environmental studies, minor in business admin). V has to enter the Real World this summer, but I get to put it off for a year. Subjects I am likely to touch on (heh heh touch. That one is for you, V):

1. Sports. Primarily volleyball, squash, rock climbing, yoga, running, swimming, cycling, skiing… yeah. Lots of sports. I also love watching football.

2. School. Majority will be me whining about having to do it. Or discussing how I was playing previously mentioned sports while I should have been doing it. In other news, I reeeeally love my degree, so I might yell at you to care about the planet once in a while.

3. Work. I served tables for 6 years and I still cover shifts on the rare occasion that I forget how much restaurant clientele makes me want to stab them in the eye with a fork. Saturday, for example. “There you go guys, enjoy your dinner, I’ll be right back with some extra lemon for the salmon, and a steak knife for you, ma’am” (pause. Ma’am looks at me, says in bitchiest tone) “Excuse me, do I not get a steak knife?”. Stab. In eyes. With Fork.

4. Food. I looooove food. I’m a closet fatty.

5. Knitting. I learned how this fall and you will be graced with photos of my mediocre achievements.

6. Whatever I damn well please, ya heard? I travel a fair bit and like to do random things, so you get to hear about that. Stories of bike tours, road trips, and working for crazy horseback riding professionals to follow.

A Couple Random Things

#1: Exerpt from V and I chatting via facebook

V: Also, I already have a wordpress with the account name being “lolquarterlifecrisis”.

#2: Clip from Fired Up. V and I are obsessed (understatement) with this movie, and are probably (read: definitely) going to reference it a lot (understatement).   Point being, the “Panthers, out” fist bumps/hiss at the end of the following clip is important for you to know.

You can actually watch the whole thing on Youtube, with part 1 found HERE .

I was going to post more things, but now I’ve just started watching Fired Up again instead. I hate you all. When I fail out of school, please support me.

C, out. *bump-bump-hisssssssss*