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… Volleyball!

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ah-mazing tournament! I would like it to be stated that, for the record, the 17 year old boy that V crushed a) was like 6’amillion, and b) looked like he was quite literally going to cry after the second block. The blocks weren’t even “Oh, your hit didn’t make it over, sucker”. There were “wow… your massive swing quite literally just got CRUSHED into the ground on your side of the net. You should probably just give up at volleyball, because your ass was just handed to you.”

I am slightly less sore than V on the purely volleyball front, because I am 5’notalot and spent significantly less time breaking the souls of children at the net. I am, however, equally completely-dead-to-the-world as a result of cumulative sportsness (and some going out on The Town). Friday, after putting in some significant school time, I went rock climbing with training partner Val and KICKED SERIOUS ASS, ya hurd? I sent not one, but two routes that I’ve been working on, after not finishing a damn thing for aaaages. Beyond that, I made some serious progress on two other projects, including one hold that has been the bane of my existence for about 2 months now. So eat it, purple route. Eat. It.

We went out to the bar directly from climbing.. fairly certain Val and I are among the few who get ready for a night out in the bathroom of a climbing gym. This is because we’re among the upper percentile of seriously awesome. Then I volleyballed all day Saturday, and then, I got to go learn how to do some kayaking in a pool!! Kayaking was some serious fun. This is dangerous because for chrissake, the last thing I need is another sport, especially on that involves more equipment. So on that front… god daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnit. I’m totally doing it again next week.

I would like it to be noted that I’m currently being devoured by school, specifically by two giant fourth year projects. They’re pretty interesting – one involves creating an integrated environmental impact assessment for local sports events, and the other requires us to make a basic framework for an undergraduate-wide first year course on sustainability in relation to various disciplines. So – wildly interesting and engaging stuff, but holy shit holy shit holy shit I have so much work to do, and on top of that I need to apply to jobs for the summer. So, my posts will likely be significantly more sporadic for the next while.



Before I get into the many things I have to talk about instead of reading journal articles, I need a favour. I need you, the internet, as my witness: When V and I move in together, and I gain like fifty pounds, it is HER FAULT. I’m pretty sure I gained ten as a result of looking at what she made, and then eating because of it. Biiiiitch

On the subject of food – for those of you who don’t know, Clif Bars are the most amazing food of all time ever. They are delicious, convenient, mostly organic, and proteiny. If you ever want to buy my friendship, Maple Nut and Chocolate Mint are my favourites. I’ve been known to substitute multiple Clif Bars as meals – fortunately, I get them for cheap at my work. I bring this up because I recently discovered that there are like TEN FLAVOURS of Clif Bar that we don’t have around here. Pumpkin Spice! Lemon Poppyseed! Blueberry Crisp! YOU HAVE FAILED ME CANADA. I mean, wtf? No White Chocolate Macadamia Nut? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

In other news, I return to Toronto this weekend! This time for a squash tournament. Exciting? YES. Terrifying? ALSO YES. Why? Well last year, I entered the Canadian University and College Squash Championships as a Women’s D player – D being the lowest division humanly possibly. It was my first tournament ever and I didn’t know what to expect. Based on winning that division last year, and beating a girl from C, and improving since then, this year I got ballsy and entered B. A little scary, but not out of the question, right? Except yesterday I got an email with my start times informing me that due to lack of players, Women’s A and B have been combined. Moral of the story: things are going to be INTERESTING. And by interesting, I mean those bitches better watch themselves, cause I’mma be kickin’ some ASS.

Other quick updates:

1. This is the bicycle I plan on riding this season. She needs a name! I am open to suggestions/I can’t think of any. Link is to specs, for those who are interested.

2. I’ve been watching bouldering videos, and Dave Graham, if you ever read this, I have a crush on you. Call me? I don’t really know how else to reach you, so you’re going to have to take the initiative here. I’m totally serious here.

3. I get some of V’s cookies tomorrow. SUCKERS!

4. I looooove this video. Hehehehehe. ALLAN! ALLAN! ALLAN! AL! ALLAN!

C, out!

Step 1: Swing. Step 2: Fall. Step 3: Repeat.

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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"VAL! VAL! I DID IT! TAKE A PICTURE! QUICK!" So, I’m fairly certain I told you I would write about sports sometimes. Now is one of those times. Monday, you see, I went rock climbing with some friends, and one of those friends (love you Val!) brought her camera, which was incredibly timed. Why, asks you? Because she managed to get a picture of me making a move that I tried and failed to do no less than 20 times. Now, to be fair, for anyone who has been climbing for any length of time or for anyone who is tall, the move isn’t particularly hard. But I am neither skilled nor tall and GOD HOW I STRUGGLED.  To your left, I present my accomplishment.

(Warning: the majority of “feelings” felt by myself (and V, too. Yeah, I’m outing you to the world.) are sports related. So the next paragraph is all, well, feelings-y.)

Fact is, the first time I tried to make the hold, I thought “Wow, there is NO WAY I can make that”.  To be honest, I continued to think that through the first 10-12 failures.  If I could give you a reason as to why I bothered to keep trying, I’d be guessing. I’d been watching some videos of the pros, and maybe their persistence rubbed off on me.  Maybe I’m just a stubborn bitch (most likely reason), But after 10-12 epic failures, I started to fail less hard. A few more failures and I started to feel like it might even actually be possible.  A couple more hits to the tail bone later and all of a sudden, I nailed it.  I didn’t do it again that night, and it took forever to do it just that once, but god damn if it didn’t teach me something about just keeping at something.  It’s a small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, but I find myself applying that persistence to other areas of my life, and it’s really paying off.

So, moral of the story: climbing is awesome, and I am awesome.  That is all.

C, out!